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Client Testimonials


    Monica H   "we only wish we would have known about your company before our break in."


   Randall G   "and now concealment furniture is advertised all over the internet! Really? Does that even make sense? As a law enforcement officer, I think those guys and the general public don't really understand the difference between a typical burglary and a home invasion. When you explained how the concealment of personal property - or split second access to a weapon - were two different worlds, I knew right then - you guys were the real deal...  


    Jerry K    "as you know, my collection required a large area for concealment. I was convinced that we didn't have any space. I was shocked with your solution, and I remember you said it would be invisible. WOW, completely! It's right there in your face but nobody sees it, it's just crazy!  My only problem now is I can't show it off, Hahaha, thanks guys!"


     Davis G     "and because it's small, blends right in.  Everyone walks right by it and they don't have a clue how quickly I could get to..."


     William S   "that's why we were never concerned about a break in.  As you know this is a gated community, but it still happened.  We never figured out for sure who stole it, a worker, a visitor, a friend? Anyway, now, thanks to you I know this will never happen again..."

     Raul W     "and I don't mind you using this as long as my name is not shown. I had called to thank you so much because like I told you on the phone - THEY DID NOT FIND A SINGLE THING THAT YOU HID FOR ME! I am forever grateful."


     Stephan D   "our neighbors were away one weekend. They had a break-in while they were gone. We never saw or heard anything, and maybe they didn't have enough time, or they got scared, but they didn't actually break into the safe. When it happened, I remembered our friends telling us how they felt so lucky. The worst shock was one night three weeks later, they came back. The wife was forced to open the safe, in a fight my neighbor friend was shot. So when I met you, I already knew from real life, the techniques you talk about are right, and when your team finished hiding my safe, I was absolutely amazed. Now I fully understand your concept of invisibility and why..."






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